PMC AP-3 Spray Gun-02 Steel Gun Block Package

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Air Purge Spray/Pour Gun for Foam and Coatings

Comes with a 02 Steel Gun Block PCT/Chamber Package

• Economical, Lightweight, Compact Design
• Less Parts than Most Competitive Air Purge Guns
• Short Trigger Stroke Reduces Operator Fatigue
• Check Valves for Maximum Cross Over Protection
• Advanced Design for Pattern Development and Mixing
- Separate Hardened Pattern Control Tip (PCT)
- Adhesion Resistance Coating
- Series of Air Passages to Reduce Material
Buildup on the Spray Tip.
- Full Range of Round and Flat PCTs
- Pour Tip and Other Custom Configurations
- Blaster Tip Designed to Spray a Stream Up
to 15 feet (5 meters)
• Simple Assembly and Disassembly
• Easy and Very Economical to Maintain
• Cartridge Valve Design Eliminates Spool Valve and Multiple O-Rings
• Steel Gun Block
• Well Balanced Gun and Easy to Maneuver